Psychology Club

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Can you believe it?! Only seven more weeks 'till we must say farewell to a great semester at Cerritos College. Although the time seems short, during the upcoming weeks, we have a lot in store for the Psychology Club!

Here is a brief update:

  • On March 21st Ms. Cynthia Gomez was voted to be our new Co-Vice President! Some of you may recognize the name, as Ms. Gomez use to be the Secretary for our club, however since she filled the V.P position, there is an opening for Secretary! So for those who are interested, or have a friend they would like to nominate, please feel free to stop by our next meeting on April 4th!!!
  • In Addition, Transfer students who graduated from Cerritos College will be visiting the club next Tuesday, April 4th to discuss the transfer process and their experience as well as advice on transferring. These students are now attending campuses such as: UCLA, UCI, USC, CSULB, and CSUF!!! This is definitely a must attend for anyone who wants to transfer to any University or Cal State! :D
  • Mark your calendar for our workshop with Professor Mary Ann Larson on Friday, May 5th. She will be discussing Sex, Love, and Relationships. We will update you further regarding location, price of the event, and duration of the workshop.
  • Yum yum yummy! There will be a Bake Sale this Wednesday, April 5th! So for those who are mini- chefs or have grandmas delicious cookie recipe please let me know what you would like to bake for our sale. So what if you're thinking,"we're not so talented in the kitchen"... we still need volunteers to help sell, sell, sell!

Whew! That sure is a busy schedule, but I know it is going to be a ton of fun for those who join! We will keep you updated as we learn more, but if you have any questions or suggestions you can email, ask one of the cabinet members at the next meeting, or post a comment on this blog!
So to all of you who attended last Tuesday, THANK YOU, and to those of you who couldn't make it, we hope to see you April 4th!!!

Jessica Torres

Vice President

Monday, March 20, 2006


Psychology ClubWe would like to invite all of you who have been part of the club before, are currently part of the club or those of you who have considered stopping by during one of our meetings but haven't had the chance to yet to make sure you come to our next meeting Tuesday, March 21 (tomorrow) which will be one of the first business meetings since the beginning of the semester.
There will be many exciting things going on and we would like to welcome anyone who has an idea or suggestion to make sure they come by to be part of our discussion... of course if you are more of a spectator you are more than welcome to come too.

Most importantly, there is an opening on the cabinet which we hope to fill during our meeting tomorrow. If you are interested please come by, you can be nominated or nominate yourself. The club will vote on one candidate who will have the opportunity to work with one of the most active clubs on campus.

Last Thursday, we held our second fundraiser which went very well. Ten people including our dedicated members and their significant others, friends and even family joined in on a t.v. taping at the WB studios in Burbank. Everyone sat in for a pilot entitled "The Class" which everyone seemed to enjoy, making the experience even easier and definitely fun. Everyone went to dinner after the taping, which ended an hour earlier than expected. There is a slight possibility that we will participate in another event similar to this one next month and we would love to take an even bigger group!

We still have several events planned before the end of the semester including more speakers, a couple social events, a workshop that will surely be interesting and of course our bi-annual PSI BETA banquet.

There is also the Western Psychological Association Conference going on the last weekend of April, some of the members in the club are trying to go as a group to reduce the cost of lodging and perhaps even gas since the conference is being held in Palm Springs. You can visit for more information.
We are also very proud to announce that two students from Cerritos College and members of the Psychology club, Carlos Salas and Rosanna Delao will be presenting their research at the conference.

We hope to see you all at our meeting tomorrow.
Good Luck to those of you who may decide to run for the open position on the cabinet!

Cynthia Gomez

Monday, March 13, 2006

TV-Taping Fundraiser and Reminder!

Don't forget to swing by SS215 tomorrow at 11:00 am for a presentation by some of Professor Lewellen's students on Brain Awareness...

We are also very happy to announce that we have a fundraiser scheduled for this Thursday, March 16. It is a t.v. taping at the WB studios in Burbank for a pilot called The Class. We will be meeting on campus at 3pm and leaving shortly thereafter. The taping is from 6:30-8:30, but we must check in at 5 and are leaving early (3pm) in order to avoid being late since there is usually quite a bit of traffic. If you are interested in going please contact Jessica Torres at 562-900-2317 by Wednesday afternoon. We can take up to 15 people and would really appreciate anyone who would be willing to go.

We also have two new additions to the cabinet, Nicole and Raymond who will be publicists in addition to the current publicist, Rosanna.

See you all soon!

Cynthia Gomez
Secretary, Psychology Club

Thursday, March 02, 2006

METRO EVENT! this sunday

Hello fellow Psych Club Members,

With the month of February behind us, we are rapidly reaching the end of the semester. But there is still so much in store for the club for everyone to enjoy.

On Tuesday, we had a very informative and interesting presentation by Dr. Kirk Hartley from Metropolitan State Hospital on aggressive behavior. He explained the various types of aggressive behavior, their characteristics, their functions and how he deals with the people who exhibit these behaviors everyday at Metro. He not only discussed aggressive behavior but also gave background information on the hospital (one of the buildings has been set as a permanent movie set.. do you remember the hospital scenes in The Ring?) and how it works, which was great considering that we are having a community service event at the hospital this Sunday. For those of you who weren't able to make it, you missed out on a presentation full of great information and stories ranging from frightening, hopeful, shocking and moving. Hopefully you will have the chance to attend a presentation by Dr. Hartley in the future, as I am sure he is someone the Psychology Club would love to invite back.

Speaking of Metro State Hospital, we are having our traditional volunteer event at Metro this Sunday, March 5th. We will be working with unit 106, an adolescent unit at the hospital who is having a special event that day. The director of the program has asked for us to help serve as an audience during a scheduled talent show, help serve lunch, and finally help in two of the booths that are set up which feature arts and crafts for the adolescents. We may also help by decorating some of the sweets they will be having and bringing icing, sprinkles etc. that can be used to decorate the sweets. If anyone would like to donate their own cookies or brownies that would be greatly appreciated as well. If you are interested in going you can contact Cynthia at (562)276-5589 or Mario, (562)964-3451 or you can meet us on SUNDAY AT 9:45AM SHARP BY CAMPUS POLICE. We will be leaving to Metro from school. The event is scheduled from 10:30am-2:00 pm. You do not have to stay the entire time, we do however, ask that you leave to the hospital with the group.
Please wear closed toe shoes.

And in liaison with Women's History Month, on Tuesday March 7th we have Dr. Monica Bellas who will be speaking to us about The Ritual Role of Women Among Ancient Cultures in Mesoamerica...
-->( she will be giving extra credit to those who attend and are enrolled in one of her classes).

Don't forget, the deadline for Psi Beta applications is next week, so get them in!

See you soon,

Cynthia Gomez
Secretary, Cerritos College Psychology Club

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Hey Everyone, Although it may seem hard to believe, we are already in our 6th week of school and hopefully you are all doing great in your classes.

Just a reminder if you were unable to attend our Tuesday meeting, we are working with the adolescent unit this Sunday March 5th, which would include face painting, a bbq and a talent show! They really need volunteers for the day and it would be a great opportunity to take several members, as we are usually limited to volunteers when we visit the other units at the hospital. We will meet this sunday on the Cerritos Campus next to the Campus Police at 9:45 am! We must arrive together as a group so we will leave by 10:00am SHARP, so please do not arrive later than 9:45am.

We are excited for all the events and speakers scheduled in the coming weeks. Although six weeks have already gone by, we still have many more weeks to come and it is never to late to stop by at one of our meetings or events if you haven't had the chance to yet.

See you this Sunday!

Jessica Torres
Vice President, Cerritos College Psychology Club